EMCE is dedicated to providing the highest quality service and engineering services available to each client. A wealth of experience and expertise goes into the design of every EMCE project.

EMCE has successfully completed more than 1,500 projects in Guam, the CNMI, the Republic of Palau, the Republic of the Marshall Islands, Okinawa, and the Federated States of Micronesia. EMCE has participated in design and construction management projects. Construction values of some of the projects are in the excess of $500 million dollars. Other services offered by EMCE include Master Planning, Damage Assessment, and Due Diligence Inspection.

Project Map

Explore EMCE’s projects on the map below. This map portrays only a small sample of EMCE’s work and is not a comprehensive list of all projects.


Alpha-Bravo Wharf Quality Control Services, Naval Base, Guam
Ammo Wharf Utility, NAVSTA, Guam
Inner Apra Harbor Resiliency Upgrade, Polaris Point, Guam
Kilo Wharf Improvements, COMNAVMAR, Guam
Kilo Wharf Extension, COMNAVMAR, Guam
Polaris Point Submarine Pier & Electrical Upgrades
Pressure Maintenance Pump, Repair Wharves Salt Water System, SRF, Guam
Repair Lima Wharf, Naval Base, Guam
Repair Mike/November Wharf, Naval Base, Guamm
Repair Sierra Wharf, Naval Base, Guam
Repair & Modernize Romeo Wharf, Naval Base, Guam
Repair Seawall at Sumay and Clipper Landing Coves Naval Base, Guam
Saipan Harbor, Saipan
Tinian Harbor Seawater Fire Fighting System, Tinian
Uniform-Tango Wharf Improvements Apra Harbor, Guam
Victor Wharf Improvements, Naval Base, Guam
X Ray Wharf, Guam
Anderson Air Force Base, Guam
BAMS Forward Operational and Maintenance Hangar
Illuminate Aircraft Parking Spots
Install ILS Lighting
Repair Airfield Electrical Conduit & Glideslope Systems
Repair Approach Lights for South and North Runway
Replace Taxilane C Lights
Replace Taxiway Guidance Signs
Runway Lighting Vault
Taxiway Signage
Guam International Airport Authority, Guam
Airfield Guidance Signs
Airfield Lighting Vault
Concourse Isolation (Third Floor)
Accounting Office, Guam
TSA Offices, Guam
HCS Hangar Fire Alarm and Fire Protection Improvements
Parallel Taxiway Repair
Passenger Screening 
Repair Continental Hanger
Repair Airfield Lighting Vault
Replace/Upgrade Airport Landside Areas Miscellaneous Repairs
Replace/Upgrade Airport Operations Area 
Replace/Upgrade Ramp Light System
Other Aviation Projects
Air Traffic Control Tower, Saipan
Airport Rescue & Fire Fighting Facility, Saipan
ARFF Rapid Refill, Saipan
Commuter Terminal, Saipan
Chuuk Airport Runway, Taxiway & Apron Rehabilitation, Chuuk
Design-Renovate Passenger Terminal, AAFB, Guam
GSN Explosive Detection System Replacement, Saipan
Rota Canopy Replacement, Rota, CNMI
Saipan International Airport Expansion, Saipan
Saipan International Airport Fire Fighting Training Facility, Saipan
West Tinian Airport Improvement, Tinian
Administrative Buildings
Ada's Professional Building, Guam
Ambros Office Building and Warehouse, Guam
Base Administration Building & Post Office, Marine Base, Guam
Consolidated Headquarters, Marine Base, Guam
Department of Land Management Building, Guam
Federal District Court Building Improvement, Guam
Federal Public Defender's Office in FHB Building, Guam
GHURA Office, Guam
J&G Corporate Office, Guam
Nanbo Building in Hagatna, Guam
Rota Judicial Center, CNMI
Saipan Judicial Courts Complex, CNMI
Security Title Office Building, Guam
Takagi Office Building, Guam
Triple J Corporate Building, Guam
Triple J Headquarters, Saipan
Bank of Guam Northgate
Bank of Guam ITC Renovation
Bank of Guam: AAFB, Mangilao, Maite and Main Branch in Hagatna, Guam
Bank of Hawaii: Chalan Kanoa, Saipan
Bank of Hawaii: Harmon and Tamuning, Guam
Bank of Hawaii: Palau
Bank of Saipan
Citibank-East Hagatna Branch: Guam
Coast 360 Headquarters: Guam
Coast 360 Upper Tumon
Community First Federal Credit Union: Tamuning, Guam
Community First Federal Credit Union, Hagatna, Guam
Pentagon Federal Credit Union: AAFB and Hagatna, Guam
Golf Courses
Guam International Golf Course Clubhouse, Guam
Hatsuho Golf Course, Guam
Leo Palace Golf Course, Guam
Mangilao Golf Course, Guam
SNM Golf Course, Rota
Talofofo Golf Course, Guam
Fiesta, Guam
Hilton Hotel Renovation, Guam
Leo Palace Hotel, Manenggon Hills, Guam
Nikko Hotel, Guam
Okura Hotel Extension, Guam
Onward Beach Hotel, Guam
Pacific Island Club, Guam
Pacific Island Club, Saipan
Pacific Star Hotel, Guam
Sheraton Laguna Hotel, Guam
Westin, Guam
Automatic Fuel Handling at Tenjo Vista, NSD, Guam
Base Engineering Maintenance Facility, AAFB, Guam
Central Fuel Station, Marine Base, Guam
Commissary Cold Storage Facility, AAFB, Guam
Corrosion Control Ground Phase 1 & 2, Marine Base, Guam
Country Fresh Dairy, Guam
Dairy Farm Food Preparation, Guam
Exxon POL Storage Fire Protection, Guam
Guam Industrial Air Terminal Industrial Park, Guam
Hardening of Guam POL Infrastructure, Guam
JAL Commercial Laundry, Guam
Mobil POL Storage Electrical Upgrade, Guam
Navy Commercial Tie-in Hardening, Guam
Tiyan Junction Hardening, Guam
Applebee's Restaurant, Tamuning, Guam
Asahi Restaurant, Guam
Bubba Gump, Saipan
Burger King, Baba Tumon Commercial Building, Guam
Burger King, Tamuning, Guam
Cinnabon, Micronesia Mall, Guam
Colors Restaurant, Acanta Mall, Tumon, Guam
Denny's Restaurant, Guam
Genji Restaurant, Hilton, Guam
Haagen Dazs, Fiesta Resort Hotel, Tumon, Guam
IHOP, Tamuning and Tumon, Guam
Kentucky Fried Chicken, Dededo, Guam
LSG Guam Airport Facilities, Guam
McDonald’s Guam Restaurant Upgrades, Various Locations, Guam
Meskla Restaurant, Agana, Guam
Mi Sazon Mexican Restaurant, Guam
Papa's, Tamuning, Guam
Reef Hotel Japanese Restaurant, Guam
Sea Horse Restaurant, Tumon, Guam
Shimbashi Restaurant, Guam
Taco Bell Tamuning, Guam
Tropicana Restaurant, Guam
Wendy's Agana and Tamuning, Guam
Shopping Centers/Boutiques
ABC Store #702, Saipan
Acanta Mall, Tumon, Guam
Agana Shopping Center Movie Theater, Guam 
Agana Shopping Center, Guam
Baltej Pavilion, Guam
Cartier Duty Free Shop, Tumon, Guam
DFS Store Koror, Palau
DFS Store, Hilton Hotel, Guam
Farmers Co-op, Guam
Hermes Duty Free Shop, Guam and Saipan
Home Depot, Tamuning, Guam
Lotte Duty Free Shops at GIAA, Guam 
Mangilao Market, Guam
Marina Heights Commercial Center, Saipan
Micronesia Mall, Guam
Perez Shopping Mall, Guam
Shoemart (SM) Store, Guam
Tango Theaters, Micronesia Mall and Agana Shopping Center, Guam
Tumon Commercial Center, Guam
Tumon Sands Plaza, Guam
Dodge Showroom, Guam
Ford Showroom, Guam
Honda Showroom, Guam
Lexus Auto Showroom, Guam
Nissan Auto Showroom, Guam 
Sports Facilities
Boonie Football Field, NAVSTA, Guam
DoDEA Elementary and High School Gymnasium, AAFB, Guam
Fitness Center HAWC, Andersen AFB, Guam
NAVCAMS Baseball Field, Guam
Outdoor Playing Fields, Marine Base, Guam
Paseo Stadium, Agana, Guam
PIC Indoor and Outdoor Tennis Courts, Guam
Softball Field/Basketball Court, NAVMAG, Guam
Simon Sanchez Sport Facilities, Guam
St John’s Gym, Tumon, Guam
Yap Sports Facility, FSM
Anderson Air Force Base, Guam
Earth Covered Magazines (Multiple Phases - II, III, & IV)
Ordnance Operations
Ordnance Operation Admin Facility
Replace Tie Feeder Circuits P-84 & P-85
Andersen South Training Complex
Basewide Exterior Energy Efficient Lighting
Live Fire Training Range Complex
Marine Wing Support Squadron Facilities at North Ramp 
North Ramp Utilities Increment II Offbase Feeder
NW Field Commando Warrior Barracks
NW Field Training Facility
Strike Conventional Munitions Maintenance Facility
Strike Tactical Missile Maintenance Facility 
Child Development Center
Youth Center
Army and Air Force Exchange Services
National Guard Gas Station, Guam 
National Guard Readiness Center, Barrigada, Guam
Saipan Troop Store, Saipan
Marine Base, Guam
Bachelor’s Office Quarters
ESB Training Complex
Engineering Support Battalion Training Complex
Recreation Center
Distribution Warehouse
Central Issue Facility
Base Motor Pool
Public Works / Maintenance Shops
Police Station
Artillery Battery Facilities
Naval Base, Guam
Apra Harbor Embarkation Facility
Dehumidified Supply Storage Facility, Guam
Emergent Repair Facility Expansion At ComNavFac Marianas, Guam
Renovate Bachelor’s Enlisted Quarters
Submarine Learning Center
Health Care Facilities
Commonwealth Health Center, Saipan, CNMI
Dental Arts Clinic, Guam
Dental Clinic, Andersen Air Force Base, Guam
FHP Clinic, Guam
GMH ED ICC/ICU Expansion , Guam
GMH Long Term Care Facility, Guam
Guam Memorial Hospital Renovation and Building Addition, Guam
Health Center Expansion Project, Tinian
Medical/Dental Clinic, Marine Base, Guam
Northern Area Public Health, Guam
Rota Health Center, Rota
Sagan Manamti (Family Health Clinic), Guam
Saint Dominic Senior Care, Guam
Seventh Day Adventist Clinic, Guam
Southern Public Health Center, Guam
University of Guam
Arts and Science Building
Business and Public Administration
Computer Center
Education Building
Engineering Building
Life Science Building
Micronesia Arts Center
RFK Library
Guam Community College
Allied Health Building
Baking Center Renovation
Building B
Building 2000 Generator
Learning Resource Center
Foundation Building 
Student Center
Student Center Canopy
Wellness Center
Buildings 100, 200, 400, and 900 (Automotive Shop)
Tech Center
Multi-use Building
Workforce Development Center
Other Educational Facilities
Adacao Elementary School, Guam
Astumbo Middle School, Guam
Adacao Elementary Schools, Guam
Dominican School & Convent, Yigo, Guam
Inarajan Elementary School, Guam
Japanese School, Guam
Kagman Elementary School, Saipan
Liguan Elementary School, Guam
Marianas High School Career Technical Education, Saipan
Okkodo High School, Guam
Palau Community College Dormitory, Palau
St. John's School, Guam
Simon Sanchez High School, Guam
Tiyan High School Gym, Tiyan
Northern Marianas College Student Center
Northern Marianas College Center for Research and Development
Government of Guam
8th Court Renovation, Guam Courts
Guam Historic Courthouse, Guam Courts
Sinajana Fire Station
Energy Efficiency 50 Gov Guam Buildings
Apalacho Bridge Replacement
Guam Museum
Ordot Dump Closure
Ylig Bridge
Women’s Treatment Center
Drinking and Wastewater Master Plan, Saipan
Rota Judicial Center, Rota
United Sates Citizenship and Immigration Services, Saipan
US District Court, Saipan
Economic Resiliency Center, Saipan
Cultural Center
Judiciary Arpa Hall and Data Center
Republic of Palau
PNCC Koror Office Building
PUC Power Distribution Building
United States Embassy in Palau
Federated States of Micronesia and Other Islands
Repair Road Bridge, Wake Island
United States Embassy, Pohnpei
Yap Cooperative Building, Yap
Yap State Cultural Museum and Archives Building, Yap
Yap Weather Station, Yap
Agana Bay Condominium, Tamuning, Guam
Blue Pacific Lattice Condominium, Tumon Bay, Guam
Estella Maris Condominium, Tumon Bay, Guam
Holiday Tower Condominium, Sinajana, Guam
Ironwood Townhouses Phase I and II, Guam
Ladera Towers, Mangilao, Guam
Leo Palace Condominium and Hotel, Yona, Guam
Regency Condominium, Tumon Bay, Guam
RND Condominium Development, Guam
Sandy Beach Homes, Saipan
Talo Verde Estates Townhouses and Clubhouse, Guam
Tumon Holiday Manor Townhouses, Tumon, Guam
Villa Kanton Tasi Condominium, Tumon Bay, Guam
Villa Kolales Condominium, Tumon Bay, Guam
Ypao Royal Gardens, Ypao Road, Tamuning, Guam
AAFB Multiphase Housing Projects, Guam (Phases I-III, IV-VI, VII & VIII, IX & X).
AAFB Housing Area Development Plan (ADP)
Asan Community Development, Guam
Baza Gardens, Yona, Guam
Blue Water Homes, Saipan
Collina Barrigada Townhouse, Guam
Comfort Homes, Guam
FEMA/GHC Housing, Guam
Flag Circle Officers Housing, Nimitz Hill, Guam 
Flora Pago Garden, Guam
GHURA Housing Subdivisions in Guam, Guam
Great Homes, LIHTC, Guam
Guma Trankilidat New Senior Housing, Guam
CTI Villa Unit Expansion
Ironwood Heights /Ypao Townhouse, Guam
Lada Estates Affordable Housing, Guam
Lockwood Terrace Mulitphase Housing Project, Naval Station, Guam 
Machananao Subdivision, Guam
Military Housing, Kadena Air Force Base, Okinawa, Japan
Nimitz Hill Estate, Nimitz Hill, Guam (US Navy Facility)
North Tipalao Housing Replacement, Guam (US Navy Facility)
Sandy Beach Homes, Saipan
Summer Homes, Saipan
Summer Town Estates Housing, Guam
Turner Road Housing, Nimitz Hill, Guam (US Navy Facility)
Ypao Royal Garden, Tamuning, Guam
Ypaopao Estates Subdivision, Phase I & II, Dededo, Guam
Religious Institutions
Hyatt Hotel Wedding Chapel, Guam
Nikko Hotel Wedding Chapel, Guam
Religious Ministry Services, Marine Base, Guam
San Dimas Church, Merizo, Guam
San Dionicio Church, Umatac, Guam
Sheraton Hotel Chapel, Tamuning, Guam
Sta. Barbara Church Improvement, Dededo, Guam
Sta. Rita Church, Guam
Tumon Catholic Church, Guam
Department of Defense
AAFB North Ramp Utilities and Site Improvements, Guam
AAFB Strike FOL, Main Substation and Power Distribution, Guam 
Fuel Transfer Pump Station, Andersen AFB, Guam
MCON Project Power Upgrade-Harmon, Guam
Replace 13.8 kV Switchgear at Building 21, US Naval Hospital, Guam
South Ramp Utilities, AAFB, Guam
USMC Main Cantonment Utilities and Site Improvements, Guam
Various High Voltage Underground Transmission and Distribution, U.S. Navy, Guam
Electrical Distribution, Transmission and Power Plant
115 kV Switchyard Expansion, Guam
Dededo Indoor Substation, Guam
GIAA Utility Power Hardening for Critical Airport Facilities, Guam
GPA Oil Containment Systems for Agana Power Transformers, Guam
GPA Oil Containment Systems for Tumon Power Transformers, Guam
Harmon Substation, Guam
Harmon to Tanguisson Underground Conversion of Transmission Line, Guam
Marbo and Orote Substations, Guam
Piti Power Plant Switchgear Replacement, Guam
Piti to Cabras 34.5 kV Underground Transmission Line, Guam
Replace 13.8 kV Switchgear at Marbo Substation, Guam
Route 3 Widening Route 28 to Chalan Kareta, Guam
SNM Power Plant, Rota
Tamuning to Tumon Underground Conversion of Transmission Line, Guam
Tiyan Parkway Underground Power Distribution, Guam
Traffic Signal Upgrade 14 Intersections, Guam
Tumon to Harmon Underground Conversion of Transmission Line, Guam
Various Housing Subdivision Underground Power Distribution, Guam
Various Power Line Hardening Projects, U.S. Navy, Guam
Pump Stations and Treatment Plants
Agana WWTP Plant, Guam
Agat, Santa Rita WWTP Replacement, Guam
Construction of Central Guam Water Reservoir, Guam
Fena Reservoir, Guam
North and South Finegayan Elevated Water Tank, Guam
Northern District WWTP Renovations, Guam
Route 16 Pump Station, Guam 
Southern Link Pump Station, Guam 
CUC Water Mitigation Phase I & II, Saipan
S-5 & S-9 Sewer Lift Station Upgrades, Saipan
A-2, A-5, A-6 Sewer Lift Station Upgrades, Saipan
GWA Water Tank Bypass, Guam
Renewable Energy
Dandan Solar Project, 26 MW, Guam
Engineering Study for 4MW Wind Turbine Farm, Guam
Communications Facilities
AT&T Renovations, Tumon & Tanguisson, Guam
FSM Telecommunication, Pohnpei
GTA Dededo Exchange, Guam
GTA Tamuning Exchange, Guam
High Adventure Ministries Radio Station, Guam
IT&E Long Distance, PCS, and Satellite Communication Facility, Guam
Satellite Launch Tracking Stations, Perth, Australia; Republic of Palau; Christmas Island; Pohnpei,and Guam Satellite Communication Center, NCS, Guam