EMCE's Timeline

With over 40 years of dedicated service, EMCE has a rich and extensive history of providing exceptional services throughout the Western Pacific region. For a detailed account of EMCE’s history, read below:
Vic Reyes had always had a dream of opening his own business. He came from a family that struggled financially, which fueled his determination to succeed. Vic worked relentlessly in his field while taking on extra jobs to support his vision. In 1980, Vic started his own practice and operated as a one-man firm for about six months. Then in 1981, Vic co-established Engineering Management and Consulting Co. (EMC2) with Ding Vales, with Vic and Ding as the heads of electrical engineering and mechanical engineering, respectively.

Connie Reyes, whose background is in Finance, made a pivotal decision to join the company to run the office and finances, which cemented their commitment to its success. By 1983, during the Guam Boom driven by Japanese investment, EMC2 experienced significant growth. They expanded their operations to 45 employees and established locations in Guam, Manila, and Saipan. Their electrical and mechanical design expertise made them the go-to choice for about 80% of projects in Guam.

In 1991, Vic decided to legally separate the electrical and mechanical divisions of EMC2, allowing them to specialize in electrical engineering, marking the beginning of EMCE Consulting Engineers, the company we recognize today. Despite challenges due to the decline in Japanese investment and the recession on the island from 1992 to 2000, EMCE persevered. EMCE secured US military DOD and federal projects and garnered recognition for their outstanding performance and collaborations with external firms.

Over 40 years since its establishment, EMCE has become widely known among international engineering and architectural firms and is still the largest electrical engineering firm in the region. And EMCE is poised to continue providing electrical engineering services for decades to come with its talent management and succession planning strategies in place. EMCE has a history of investing in its staff, supporting their professional and personal goals. Many of EMCE's professional staff have been with the firm for more than 20 years, and they take personal pride in the projects they have been a part of since the company's inception.